What makes the perfect chocolate brownie?

What makes the perfect chocolate brownie?

It’s fair to say that we’ve spent a long time researching this important question. Do you prefer a rich and indulgent brownie with a fudgy texture or do you prefer your brownies cakier and light?

Here at Bowl and whisk, we are all about the rich and squidgy type with a gloriously shiny top! We searched high and low to find the best recipe and after much research, benchmarking and tweaking, we think we hit the jackpot!

A perfect chocolate brownie is also only as good as its ingredients so we carefully choose the best ingredients, and choose local wherever possible, to create the perfect mix. High quality Belgian chocolate, local free range eggs and British butter are used in our brownies.

There are only 5 simple ingredients in a perfect chocolate brownie: chocolate, butter, sugar, eggs and flour, and the ratio of all of these ingredients can alter the texture. The higher the amount of fats in the recipe (i.e the chocolate and the butter), the more fudgy the brownie. The more flour you have in the recipe the more cake-like the brownie, so it’s very much a balancing act!

Cooking time is also absolutely essential when it comes to baking the perfect chocolate brownie. A little under-done and the brownie is too sticky, a little over-done and the squidgy brownie dream is over! Luckily for you we’ve got our timing down to perfection!

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