Top Tips for choosing your wedding cake.

Whatever else is occupying your mind in the run up to your wedding, sooner or later, you’re going to have to think about the cake.

And that’s exciting. The thing is, gone are the days of choosing between a traditional 3-tier with white royal icing or a traditional 3-tier with white royal icing. You can have exactly what you’d like: the question is, how do you go about choosing what you want and finding someone to make it for you?

Firstly, decide what you don’t want. If you don’t want fruit cake, don’t have it. If you don’t want white icing, don’t have it. If you do want vegan, have vegan. And if you happen to know if any of the guests have a nut allergy, you might decide to avoid nuts entirely. The thing to remember is that it’s your wedding and your cake – so be sure to please yourselves. And if you and your partner can’t decide on a favourite, go for more than one – there’s no reason why you can’t have different tiers with different flavours.

Make sure that you give yourselves plenty of time to look around, have tastings, find the baker that you’d like and get to know them. Choose wisely and they will be as invested in your perfect wedding cake as you are. You’ll be able get an idea about them from the look and feel of their website and by reading testimonials.

To be fair, whilst taste is important, what the cake looks like is pretty crucial. It’s going to be on display for a good while and plenty of people are going to see and admire it – and after all that effort, so they should. So do your research: Instagram, Pinterest, magazines and websites will give you loads of ideas and a great starting point for discussions with your baker.

If your wedding is already organised, think about this when you make plans for the cake. If it’s going to be on display for a good while, you don’t want it to be past its best by the time it’s eaten. To keep it as fresh as possible and not go stale or melt, your baker’s advice and expertise is going to be crucial.

Actually, the proximity of your baker to you and the venue is important too. If they are transporting the cake to the venue you don’t want it to be the worse for wear by the time it arrives. So, go local if you possibly can. That way, face to face planning and tastings will be so much easier.

And that’s it – simple when you know how.


Bowl and Whisk are artisan bakers who produce beautiful, handmade cakes for weddings, celebrations and gifts using seasonal, local ingredients and delivered to your door. Handmade with love.