Perfect chocolate brownie

What makes the perfect chocolate brownie?

07 September 2017 | By Rachel Billington

What makes the perfect chocolate brownie? It’s fair to say that we’ve spent a long time researching this important question. Do you prefer a rich and indulgent brownie with a fudgy texture or do you prefer your brownies cakier and light?...

A dairy cow

A rural business… we live on a farm!

08 August 2017 | By Rachel Billington

We live on a dairy farm and we love our cows. Each and every one of our cows are known by their name and not by their number. They are milked twice a day and produce the most delicious and natural drink you could ever have! As a rural business and a family of food…...

The Nantwich Show

08 August 2017 | By Rachel Billington

If you are a big fan of cheese, then there is no better place to be in July than the Nantwich show, home to the annual International Cheese Awards which attracts cheese makers from far and wide. The ‘big cheese marquee’ is a huge 80500 sq ft to enable it to hold the world record…...

Brownies delivered straight to your door?

04 June 2017 | By Rachel Billington

Never fear … Bowl and Whisk are here! If you need freshly-baked, homemade cakes, don’t worry if you haven’t got time to do it yourself – let us do it for you (we won’t tell anyone) as everything is made in our farmhouse kitchen. Here at Bowl and Whisk, we think everything...

New Creations in the Farmhouse Kitchen

24 May 2017 | By Rachel Billington

Our favourite job is creating delicious new recipes. We’re always on the lookout for new recipe ideas and flavour combinations, and will make any excuse up to sample something new! Some of the products in our range are from recipes which have been handed down from our Grandma, but we also like...

Hello, and welcome to the home of Bowl & Whisk!

16 May 2017 | By Rachel Billington

We’ve been so busy baking, planning, making to do lists, developing new recipes and even more baking, that we feel like our feet have barely touched the ground! We’ve been working with some absolutely brilliant people over the past few months who have helped us launch our website, design...